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  • Reduced Trigger Plunger Springs Set for Tanfoglio

Reduced Trigger Plunger Springs Set for Tanfoglio

The trigger plunger spring will affect both the trigger pull weight and the trigger reset. By reducing the pressure from the trigger plunger head onto the trigger bar, the lighter spring you can use or a trigger return spring. It's all connected as they say.. 

The 3-spring kit includes #18, #20 and #22 trigger return springs. The difference in trigger pull is about 2 ounces (50 grams) between the different springs. The factory spring is a #24.

This spring kit will reduce your trigger pull weight from the factory trigger and also is an important component when installing the Flat Trigger System.

Great for reducing the trigger pull weight on IPSC Production pistols (Stock II/III, Limited Pro etc)
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