Henning Magazine Springs for Glock

Henning Magazine Springs for Glock

Replacement magazine spring for Glock pistols. High quality heat treated magazine springs made for Factory Glock magazines with or without extensions. When extending a factory Glock magazine, it is imperative that you use a longer magazine springs. Our extension kits comes with the correct longer spring. If you have other manufacturer's extended pads you can also utilize our magazine springs. 

10-coil works for :

  • EDC Glock 9mm/40S&W (extended spring works for the H600-GS/GC extension)

  • 11 Coil works for :

  • Factory "Standard" length Glock Magazines such as G17, G22, G20, G21, G37, G31
  • Blueline Glock 19/23 (included in the H-KC02 kit)
  • EDC Glock 9mm/40S&W (extended spring works for the H600-GS for extra magazine spring power)
  • 12 & 13 Coil works for :

  • Competition Glock 17/34 141.25mm (H141-GS9) 23 + 1 round style magazine extensions

13 Coils works for :

  • Blueline Glock 17/34 (Comes in the H-KC01 kit)
  • Blueline Glock 21/41 (Comes in the H-KC04 kit)

12 coils are good for competition use to maximize capacity, 13 coils is recommended for LE / DUTY Use.