Henning Group Blueline - Glock Magazine Extension and Spring for G21/G41 - 45 AC

Henning Group Blueline - Glock Magazine Extension and Spring for G21/G41 - 45 AC

Henning Group's Blueline Glock 21 Magazine Extension Kit extends capacity to 16 + 1. Glock 21 / 41 - 45 ACP Standard Length Mags. Designed in collaboration with a current SWAT Operator and US Army Veteran, our Glock 21 mag extension offer:            

Confident magazine indexing through our patent pending design. 

Improved grip support for shooters with larger hands. 

Basepad allows for an effortless strip with the knife-edge of the support hand on malfunctions or stuck magazines. 

Designed by a door-kicker, for door-kickers. 

The kit comes with magazine extension and a longer magazine spring. 

U.S. Patent 9,772,151

Testimonial by Officer Stroik:

I’m writing you to share an experience I had earlier this year. I’m an LEO in the upper Midwest. I have your extenders on my G21 to give me more rounds in the event I ever needed them; that event happened in the middle of January. I was assisting another agency ATL’ing a vehicle theft suspect. As I rounded a corner I was met with an armed suspect with an outstretched arm and gun pointed directly at me. A gun fight ensued with both sides firing multiple rounds. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, no LEO’s were injured. If I didn’t have those extenders I would have run out of ammo during this incident. My mags and weapon were taken as evidence during the investigation. I called Henning to see if they had any old extenders laying around the shop and explained I would send them back after I got my mags back. Henning himself called me back; I explained what happened and my request. He told me he would send me brand new extenders for free. The amount of compassion and empathy he showed was simply incredible. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their customer service. Thank you, Henning Group. 

Stay in the fight, stay safe.